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More about me

So, you want to know more, eh? OK. I'm cool with that.
Listed below are some of the things that make me distinct,
that set me apart from everyone else

I say this a lot. Especially when using AIM.  It comes from the tv show Parker Lewis Can't Lose. Most people would just say "cool" where I say coolness.
I'm all about getting my ______ on.
You say this when you really want to do something. For example, if I really wanted to go to Waffle House, I'd say "I'm all about getting my Waffle House on."
Mad Props
You say this when someone does something cool. For example, if Jason were to use all 7 of his letters on one turn in Scrabble, I would say "Mad Props distributed."
Pro Wrestling
Say what you will, but I like it. I know the winner is pre-determined, but it's still interesting. Maybe it's the corny acting. Maybe it's the part of the match before the pre-determined end. Whatever it is, I like it.
Grey Shirt and Khaki shorts
One week, during summer 2000, at The Connector, Nathan Burns, Kris Maguire, Jason Mobley, and I all happened to wear a grey shirt and khaki shorts, and it stuck. I wear this every Tuesday night.
Rocks my face off
When something really cool happens, it "Rocks my face off." If it's something God's done, or a new truth, from the Bible, that I just learned, then it "Rocks my face off to the extreme."
The WalMart curse
Every time I go to WalMart I end up buying something. Even if I'm just tagging along with a friend and don't intend on buying something.
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