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My drumset!

Info about my set:
Yamaha Stage Custom in Marina Green.
6.5" x 14" metallic snare
10" x 12" mounted tom
11" x 13" mounted tom
16" x 16" floor tom
16" x 22" bass drum
10" A Custom Zildjian Splash (brilliant)
14" Avedis Zildjian New Beat Hi-Hats (brilliant)
16" Avedis Zildjian Medium Thin Crash (brilliant)
16" A Custom Zildjian Projection Crash (brilliant)
18" Avedis Zildjian Medium Crash (brilliant)
20" Avedis Zildjian Medium Ride
Yamaha FP700 Bass Drum Pedal
Yamaha SS640 Snare Drum Stand
Yamaha CS640 Cymbal Stand
Yamaha CS740 Cymbal Stand
Yamaha CS835 Cymbal Stand
Gibraltar 9509CT Boom Cymbal Stand
Gibraltar SCGCA Grabber Cymbal Arm
Latin Percussion LP236C Mount-All Percussion Bracket
Latin Percussion LP338 Mounting Cowbell Bracket
Pearl D-70W Throne
Pro-Mark 2-B the Natural (wood tip)
Pro-Mark Lighting Rods
Remo Ambasador on top head of snare and toms
Remo PowerStroke 3 on top head of bass drum
Remo/Yamaha Unicorn on bottom head of snare and all toms
Remo (unknown model #) on bottom of bass drum
Ryhthm Tech Drum Set Tambourine
Latin Percussion Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell
Moon Gels Damper Pads (3) (on my snare)