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Quotes from my friends

"IHOP is like Waffle House on steroids."  Winston Murdock

"Don't start something you're not willing to clean up."  Jamey Droddy

"CALCULUS is yet another Tech-facilitated acronym meaning 'Cruel And Legalistic Coursework Utilized to Learn Unimportant Stuff'."  Katy Riddle

"I feel like a management major with all this planning."  Dan Perdue

"Why did you give me a Heineken? I don't want a Heineken!"  Bill Brackett

"Why did the man cross the road? To tickle Mr. Winston."  McKinley Hood

"But them I'm weird too, not many people think like me. I know I think like an engineer, and I'm going bald like one, so I might as well become one."  Billy Aslaner

"Cracker weed monkey."  Billy Aslaner (upon getting hit on the hand with a frisbee)

"Outstanding."  Robbie Shuman

"Stupid freakin' RV's."  Billy Aslaner

"He's harmless. I learned that last semester."  Dr. Andrea Strauss (talking about me in Music Theory 2)

"By the power of the Continuum Transfunctioner I now banish you to Hoboken, New Jersey."  Bill Brackett (whenever one of us had to park his car in the bottom level of the West Campus parking deck). This was stolen from Dude Where's my Car.

"Contrary to popular belief, God and Elvis do not work at a Burger King in Kalamazoo."  Bill Brackett

"The Bible would make a great movie."  Winston Murdock

"I'm your mother, and you look stoned."  Some random U(sic)GA girl looking at Bill's student ID picture at Steak 'n Shake

"Smote (or smited, or smitted or whatever)."  Bill Brackett

"Man.....I've achieved 'almost Anna' status."  Bill Brackett

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